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New Blair Witch Video Discovered!

Check out new Blair Witch footage!

A mysterious package reveals new Blair Witch video footage and more!

Last week, video emerged online that offers some new clues about what happened to Lisa Arlington and her documentary crew, who disappeared in Maryland’s Black Hills Forest two years ago. We immediately reached out to the individual that posted the video and, following a brief correspondence through his or her Twitter account, a package was delivered containing artifacts from the Black Hills.

In May 2014, Arlington and her team went missing alongside the subject of the documentary, James Donahue. Donahue was the younger brother of Heather Donahue, who herself went missing in the Black Hills in 1996. Her footage was infamously recovered and released as a feature documentary, The Blair Witch Project. Naturally, Arlington’s disappearance has created quite a lot of speculation about who or what might be responsible.

Dark Truth301 writes:

You have been chosen for the Army of Truth… 
For years we had been working with our friends at Darknet666 to uncover a massive conspiracy happening in Western Maryland. Until they went missing in 2014. 
Our investigation took an unexpected turn when Darknet666 found a tape in the Black Hills woods. They uploaded the footage to youtube in hopes that someone might know what it meant or where it was filmed.  Soon after they were contacted by a guy named James. He was part of a documentary film crew going out into those same woods. They joined the crew, looking for answers of their own.
That was May 11, 2014. No one has seen or heard from any of them since. 
Though authorities “gave up”, we did not. We’ve continued to try piecing the story together but hit a series of dead ends… until recently. A few weeks ago we acquired unreleased materials that were part of the investigation. We can’t say how, but trust us when we say this is legit. We’ve enclosed some of those materials here, including:
– 2 clips from Lisa Arlington’s recovered drone camera
– The last known photographs taken of the group, including Lisa and our friends
– A photograph taken of physical evidence authorities claimed they “never found”
Why didn’t this information get released? What are the authorities trying to hide? 
While searching through DarkNet666’s hard drive, we also found numerous clips and articles about infamous Maryland serial killer Rustin Parr. No matter what you believe about the supernatural, or who exactly might’ve been telling him to kill those children, there’s little doubt that our friends felt there was some connection between Rustin’s crimes and the events that led James and Lisa into the woods. As for us, we believe there’s something truly evil hiding in those woods.
Your mission is to help us spread the word. For decades, the authorities have been systematically removing all signs, traces, and mentions of the disturbing events happening in the Black Hills. These are not isolated instances. 
The authorities do not trust us with the truth, so we’ll take matters into our own hands. We’ve set up a system of dead drops locally to share information off the grid, but we need help to extend our reach. Please share what you find in this box. Post online as often as you can, the more trusted soldiers who participate, the greater our chance of success.

P.S. We’re fans of nature so please accept our recycled packing products- actual remnants of the Frederick Watershed Woods.

You can check out images of the package’s contents in the gallery viewer at the bottom of this page and, in the players below, watch three new Blair Witch videos.

Darknet666 also maintains a WordPress blog, although it has not been updated since shortly after Arlington’s disappearance. You can also check out the original Kickstarter page for Arlington’s film as well as her Tumblr site. What’s more, anyone with any information on Lisa’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact the Finding Lisa Arlington Facebook group.

Do you think these videos could be new evidence that the Blair Witch is really out there? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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